New Hampshire East White Mountains Travel Guide

1. Appalachian Mountains: Extending from Newfoundland, Canada to nearly 2,000 miles in Alabama, the Appalachian Mountains [or mountains in the east opposite the Rocky Mountains] form a natural barrier between the North American coastal plain and its inner lowlands. Divided into three geographical regions, the north, the middle and the south, they cover a wide […]

Best winter resort

Winter holidays and activities are usually restricted in winter. Sometimes the snow is as deep as six inches, which makes us unable to play outside. However, if we can only study in a good place to turn the winter into a pleasant season, then the winter time is not so tight. You can travel to […]

Hotel Reviews: Crowne Plaza Hotel Reading, Wyoming

The writer was fortunate enough to live in a more expensive hotel in Manhattan's Times Square, and this time he was once again grateful for the opportunity to live in another hotel in Reading, Pennsylvania. He accompanied his friends to the Continuing Education Symposium, which was held in the largest conference space in Reading, Pennsylvania, […]